We’re Kevin Gale and Mick Power and we created the company in 1978, using our surnames to come up with ‘Galower’, a building firm that means as much to us now as then.

Galower Build started by building extensions to domestic property and undertaking small renovation projects. We constructed our first 4 bedroom, detached house in 1980. Under our careful management and direction and the support from all our employees, Galower Build has grown steadily and emerged from various recessions that floored many bigger companies. We now have an enviable reputation for building high-end residential, educational and commercial properties.


The clue to our success lies in our professional approach to every building project and the principles that we encourage our employees to adopt: a solid understanding of every stage of construction, high standards of work throughout and effective communication with all stakeholders.

We attended Twickenham College of Technology at the same time, and served our apprenticeships in carpentry, joinery and bricklaying. This grounding in traditional, core skills combined with a continued application of the latest building techniques, makes Galower Build an invaluable and trusted partner for architects and their clients. Reciprocal respect is what emerges.


Galower Build takes pride in following values and we can demonstrate every single one of them.

GalowerWe’re highly regarded for what we do – building high end residential, educational and commercial properties.

GalowerWe inspire confidence, give peace of mind and build solid relationships.

GalowerOur work is of a very high standard – in terms of strategic advice, construction and communication.

GalowerOur project management is excellent and has our clients’ needs at the core.

GalowerOur clients can reach us when they need us.

GalowerWe keep pace with the changing face of construction.

GalowerOur principles revolve round getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

GalowerWe help clients realise their visions and take our responsibilities seriously.

GalowerOur people are skilled across all different trades and disciplines.

GalowerWe are financially astute and disciplined.

GalowerWe have 35+ years experience and a pragmatic approach to help us achieve a client’s vision, however ambitious.



Galower Build


We’ve recently refreshed our corporate identity so that it reflects more accurately what we do and how.

Our brief was to create a corporate identity that reflects the strength of our experience, professionalism and ability. As a brand, Galower Build inspires confidence and the chosen logo, colour palette and typeface works hard to reflect this.

We’ve shortened our name from Galower Builders to Galower Build because it’s a more accurate reflection of the kind of high-end projects and clients we want to continue to attract. However, we secretly hope our clients will continue to refer to us simply as ‘Galower’. (We do!)

We employed outside professional help from Parachute Communication and Explosive Brands to ensure we achieved the desired result.

How can Galower help you achieve your architectural vision?


Currently, we have a workforce of 36, comprising site workers, office staff and the 2 of us at the heart of every build project. Many of our people have been with us for years and we’re delighted that the second generation has joined us (so far we have 4 sons working at Galower). Apart from specialist help, we rarely use contractors, even on really large projects.

Our aim, always, is to maximise efficiency, minimise disruption and achieve a smooth running, successful experience for every client whatever their individual circumstances. For example, we can adopt flexible working hours to accommodate a home owners’ schedule or avoid disruption to school timetables.


Unlike many building contractors, we employ our own team of site foremen and trades people. That way, we ensure our high standards of work are maintained across all areas of operation: construction, health & safety, environmental protection and on site behaviour.



Galower Build

Site Workers



Galower Build’s support staff are responsible for the central management of each project and are the first point of contact for all enquiries. They ensure that each build is project managed efficiently so that every client receives the top quality service they deserve from start to finish.