We create high quality, luxury properties that last

We are luxury building contractors, renovating and creating new luxury homes and education facilities. We’re proud of the success we achieve as the construction partner of several dynamic and talented architects.

Galower Build is Kevin Gale and Mick Power. We started in 1978 since which time we’ve built a strong and stable business. Together with our workforce of 30+ employees - site managers, specialist trades and office support staff - we have a well-deserved reputation for very high quality. That includes workmanship, relationships and project management. We’ve also built up a network of loyal 3rd party specialist contractors.

Our work ranges from new builds to renovations. We harness both modern and traditional working practices in order to build the inspirational visions created by the architect and their clients.

We’re invited to work mainly on projects in London and the south of England. Whatever and wherever the project, our criteria is the same as it’s always been: are we able to do our best work? If the answer’s yes, we want to be on the tender list.

White Lodge

Building alongside the architect

Our role and responsibility, as construction partner, is to help the architect deliver their vision. It starts with the strength and integrity we provide at the initial buildability stage. Then, we deliver the wow factor through our processes, knowledge and experience. Finally, there’s the longevity of a Galower build. This comes not only from the high quality of our workmanship but also the positive experience of working with us.
We’re proud of the strong partnerships we have with architects, designers and surveyors, each with their different perspectives leading us to develop our skills and methods of working.

Apart from their workmanship, the other major plus point with Galower is that the client (eg home owner) buys into them. These are often 12-18 month projects so it’s vital the relationship is a good one. It most definitely is with Galower.

Structural engineer

Property Owner

Building for the property owner

The architect or designer takes your brief and creates the vision. Next, in
consultation with the structural engineer, we work on practicalities. Then, Galower is in charge of buildability and turning the whole plan into an exciting reality. We manage the project entirely, ensuring its smooth running and delivery of the highest standard of workmanship. This includes clear and consistent communication, and harmonious working relationships throughout, from accommodating third party contractors to drinking tea with the next door neighbour.

Property owners need transparency on a project. Someone to lean on when they’re
worried; someone who’ll chivvy them along to make decisions. We’re calm and take everything in our stride.

Home Owner

An Architect is only as good as the builder who delivers the goods. Galowers are instrumental in delivering the project to the highest standard. We all have really good fun as well.


Master Bathroom

Galower Build projects: a great
experience from start to finish

We want the whole experience of working with us to be a good one - for everyone involved. We are a reassuring luxury property builder. From the initial detail and precision of the buildability phase, through the excitement and anticipation as it all gradually takes shape and we hand over the keys. We’re a team - the architect, property owner and Galower Build. But the relationship doesn’t end there; there’s ongoing maintenance plans and more future projects to work on together.

Galower has integrity, they deliver on their promises. They have an old fashioned commitment to achieving quality for a client. Not all contractors have that so it colours the kind of work they win. I’m always impressed by their willingness to engage openly with the consultant team and client in a professional way. Always an open line of communication and a ‘can do’ attitude.



Basement projects take great skill and experience to ensure the stability of the groundworks thereby avoiding flooding and collapse. This is particularly important in a city such as London, where the underground train structure is so near the surface. Underground living can be single and multiple storey, as well as semi-basement living areas leading out to landscaped exteriors.
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