The Galower Experience: construction of the highest quality

We have the same goal as our clients: to achieve the highest quality build and finish for your home within the agreed budget and timescale.

Construction of the 'highest quality' is about so much more than having a load of guys on site and being competitively priced. Every Galower construction is successful because we bring all our knowledge, experience and care to every project. It starts with proper planning so we know how each part of the process is connected and how long everything will take. We source and cost the right materials, and manage a team of appropriately skilled people to carry out the work. Challenges and changes are incorporated to ensure both schedule and budget remain on track. That's how we do business - on every project.

We enjoy and take pride in our work, and relish the fact that every single project is different. We work hard to ensure the whole experience of having us as your building contractor is a  positive one - for everyone concerned. It means we're managing the project properly and meeting the high standards against which property owners should judge our success. This is why everyone associates Galower with construction of the highest quality.

We're not like any other construction company. In fact, we're confident that you'll struggle to match the high-achieving and positive nature of the whole 'Galower experience'. From the minute we first shake hands to finally saying goodbye as you wave us off the premises, we want our clients to like having us around.

St John's Wood

This is how we work, this is what we promise

We build great properties with the help of thorough and effective project management. Our building practices are in the 'modern traditionalist' style, and we meet challenges head on. Finally, we believe in clear and consistent communication.

Financially sound, well established

A project can take from 6 months to 3 years from start to finish for Galower so we know how important it is to convince our clients that we are financially fit and able to commit 100%.

However, there's so much more to financial stability than having a healthy balance sheet. In fact, it's how we manage the life-cycle of every single project that creates the stability and transparency that leads to our clients' confidence in our capability. It's not through luck that we have 30+ years' of high quality building success behind (and more in front) of us.

We have multiple projects of varying complexity running simultaneously. The skill lies in ensuring that any delay or hiccup on one project doesn't impact on another or have a domino effect on our ability to manage our entire order book.

Being great builders and having confidence in our supply chain, scheduling and cost management leads to financial stability and that's what really reassures our clients.

It's in our blood to plan, manage and build great properties.

Galower's success revolves round people

People play a huge role in the success of our work. As the chosen construction company, we are pivotal in getting everyone on side and moving in the same direction - the property owner, the design and build team, your neighbours, sometimes the wider local community.

Understanding and guiding, working alongside, informing and listening - these are company-wide skills for Galower, not just the directors and site managers. Under every Galower hard hat and hi-vis jacket lies a professional with great social skills.

We earn the trust of every single client

Our clients trust us to run their projects in the best possible way and guide them through every stage of the process. We're judged on the quality of our build after 10, 20, 30 years behind which lies careful decision-making and management of people, costs and schedules.

Equally important is our desire for the whole experience to be a good and positive one for everyone involved. We take pride in our work and enjoy what we do, whether it's a 6 month extension or a 2 year re-build.

We offer all our clients a maintenance programme which is a clear indication of how confident we are in the standard of our work. That clients sign up signals that they're happy to see us again.

Having structural work done to your property - whether it's a 6 month extension or 18 month-long re-build - is going to improve your life. If you invest your money, time and emotion in Galower we'll deliver the highest quality build with pleasure and integrity.

Need help getting your dream home project up and running? Tell us more and we'll be in touch.

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