We’re Kevin Gale and Mick Power, and we created Galower in 1978. The name is a combination of our two surnames and it stands for our combined philosophy and way of working. We set out to be high-quality builders, and that's exactly what we are to this day.

Galower Build's first projects were extensions to domestic properties and small renovation projects. We constructed our first 4 bedroom detached house in1980, since which time we've grown steadily. Under our careful management and direction, together with the support of all our employees, we've remained a stable, successful business. We've worked steadily through various recessions that have floored many bigger companies and now, Galower has an enviable reputation for building high-end residential, educational and commercial properties.


The clue to our success lies in our professional approach to every building project and the principles that we encourage our employees to adopt:

  • A solid understanding of every stage of construction
  • High standards of work throughout
  • Effective communication with stakeholders: architects and engineers, property owners and their neighbours, suppliers and 3rd party contractors

We attended Twickenham College of Technology at the same time, and served our apprenticeships in carpentry (Mick) and bricklaying (Kevin). This grounding in traditional, core skills combined with a continued application of the latest building techniques, makes Galower Build an invaluable and trusted partner for architects and their clients.



Galower Build takes pride in following values and we can demonstrate every single one of them.

GalowerDuty of care: making the whole 'Galower experience' a good one, with the welfare and needs of everyone involved at the core of how we work

GalowerHigh standard of workmanship: from strategic advice to the physical build, achieving our clients' visions through the right mix of modern and traditional techniques

GalowerClear communication: straightforward, careful and consistent communication skills are instrumental in the running and completion of a successful project

GalowerRealising the vision: buying into your dream 100%, making sure we're on the same wave length as our clients, the architect and their client, the property owner

GalowerProfessional project management: planning and management based on knowledge, experience and diligence so we 'get the job done' efficiently and effectively

GalowerFinancially stable: being both resourceful and disciplined, managing our project portfolio and budgets with care and attention


Currently, we have a workforce of 36, comprising site workers, office staff and the two of us  - Mick and Kevin - at the heart of every build project. Many of our people have been with us for years and we’re delighted that the second generation has joined us (so far we have 4 sons working at Galower). We use 3rd party resource as necessary, selecting from our own network of specialist contractors.

Our aim, always, is to maximise efficiency, minimise disruption and achieve a smooth, successful experience for every client whatever their individual circumstances. For example, we can adopt flexible working hours to accommodate a home owner's schedule or avoid disruption to school timetables.


Matthew Arnold Senior School,
Twickenham College of Technology: City & Guilds (advanced bricklaying)

Early work experience:
Wallace Brothers
SJ Caruthers

Golf, tennis and football.



Cardinal Godfrey School,
Twickenham College of Technology: City & Guilds (advanced carpentry)

Early work experience:
Royal Hampton Court
Windsor & Kensington Palaces
Gosling Construction

Touring car racing, scuba diving and clay pigeon shooting