We'll maintain your home after we've built it

Maintaining the luxury homes we build is a service we offer clients once we've handed over the keys. Tailored to their specific needs, our maintenance schedule keeps their homes working and looking their very best. After all, we know these houses inside out, having renovated or extended them over a period of time. We left their properties in the very best condition so, we’re keen to help our clients keep them that way.

Continuing the relationship with Galower, through our inclusive maintenance plan, makes perfect sense because it gives our clients peace of mind. They receive exactly the same high standard of workmanship and attention to detail as with their initial build.

We know how everything works, exactly when and where to make any necessary adjustments, and how to resolve problems that inevitably arise over time. We simply take care of everything as a complete package.


Why bother with a home maintenance plan?

Houses, particularly state-of-the art properties, need regular attention. Essentially, you need to service ‘moving parts’ regularly, so they continue to function as required, remain energy efficient, as well as thoroughly safe and secure. This is what’s known as ‘planned and preventative’ maintenance, and the very minimum should be servicing boilers and central heating. Today’s homes use smart technology which brings another level of care and commitment. From air conditioning to access control and CCTV, property management is a significant responsibility for the busy homeowner.

Galower's home maintenance plan takes all the bother away. We’ll recommend an annual schedule of servicing and then implement it, ensuring that it happens on time, is cost effective and recorded in a logbook.

We plan the work, schedule in the right trade-accredited people (often our own), monitor each task and verify its completion. So, our client the homeowner, doesn’t have to worry about remembering to schedule in the work but does know it’s being carried out to the very highest standard. It also means you don’t incur extra expense due to forgetting to fix something or leaving a malfunction for too long. Finally, and equally important, warranties remain valid.


A comprehensive home maintenance plan

We agree a bespoke maintenance programme with each client. This includes servicing a number of essential items on the same day, along with any other agreed ancillary activities.

Generally, it's an annual arrangement, whereby the Galower team comes in for a day to carry out the agreed schedule of works.

We'll have also booked other trades people, as necessary, to come in and undertake necessary maintenance. This extends to working with expert home technology partners to ensure thorough specialist aftercare of automation systems, such as: audio, lighting, home cinema, multi-room audio visual, programming and motorised blinds and curtains.


Galower maintenance services

The following list is by no means the extent of the maintenance work we carry out for our clients. Each property is different and each homeowner has specific needs to which we tailor our schedule of work.

Core services

Our core services are designed to keep our clients’ properties functioning and looking as good as the day we finished construction. For example:

  • Alarm, access control and CCTV
  • Air conditioning units
  • Central heating and water boiler
  • Indoor pool
  • Media hubs
  • Window casements

Ancillary services

While we’re on site, we can work though a list of activities, having first recommended to our clients, a schedule of works to be undertaken. For example:

  • Decorating
  • Fencing repairs and garden maintenance
  • Gutters and drain clearance
  • Jet washing patios driveways, and window cleaning
  • Locksmithing
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Electrical fittings and appliances
  • Flooring

If Galower built your home, Galower can maintain it too.