1960s industrial apartment

Hoxton, East London | Mark Lewis Interior Designer

The brief

Our client appointed us to help him create a 1960s industrial apartment in a building originally used as a furniture warehouse.

The building had already been converted into flats but when our client took it over, it was in a very poor state of repair. He knew exactly the kind of effect he wanted us to create: an industrial apartment that reflected the original generation and environment.

Together with the client and designer, Mark Lewis, we created a comfortable but edgy living space, complete with exposed pipes, bare brickwork and concrete finishes.

History exposed

We completely stripped the space, taking it back to the shell of the building. Apart from enabling us to install new services, we also uncovered a lot of original features which we were able to incorporate in the final build. For example, some heavy double doors in the living area with a furniture winch 'arm' that we turned into the handle.

A hidden area at the rear of the flat turned out to be an old lift shaft. We turned this into a walk-in wardrobe, using the original lift doors and some salvaged pub door handles.

Space for storage on site was virtually non-existent. This isn't unusual for projects in city locations; it just means we factor this in when planning the logistics.

We were delighted to work on this remarkable project and with such inspirational people. No wonder it continues to attract media attention, including its own chapter in Best Warehouse Flats.


"Having worked with Galower Build before, I wasn't surprised at the high quality of advice, planning and workmanship I received from them. I was also reminded of their great enthusiasm. I need only say something like "I want a bench seat toilet..." and they'd simply respond with "Yes, let's do it!". I guess it helped that everyone who worked on the project just want to live there; they felt it was so cool."

Home-owner verdict