Modern restoration of a Victorian home

Kensington, London | Dyer Grimes Architect

The brief

A modern restoration of a victorian home: this 7 storey Victorian mansion was first converted into individual apartments in the 1960s. We were appointed to work on the conversion of 3 of these storeys turning them back into a single dwelling. This was another award winner for architects, Dyer Grimes, and we're proud to have been part of a team that secured "great value for money and the highest quality finishes" for their clients.

Specific elements of the build

The project was a mix of contemporary design (polished concrete floors) and restoration of original Victorian features (beech floors, exposed brickwork, etc). This called on a number of different skills on our part which always gives us pleasure.

A lack of storage space onsite meant we managed a phased supply of materials, such as steel framework. The fact that the rest of the building was occupied during the project meant we were mindful of the other residents. Making sure we cause the minimum of inconvenience and disturbance to our clients' neighbours is a priority for Galower Build.