Two storeys above and below ground

St John's Wood, London | Dyer Grimes Architects

The brief

Galower Build was commissioned to create a brand new family home featuring two storeys above and below ground. Situated in St. John’s Wood, close to the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing, the build involved demolishing the owner's existing property and building a traditional red brick home. We added two storeys below ground to give more accommodation, and space for work and recreational.

Specific elements of the build

The challenge on this project was the deep excavation work necessary to create the two storey accommodation below ground. In particular, we were careful to ensure we didn’t disturb the neighbours or unsettle their properties.

A glass and steel staircase runs throughout the building, giving access to each level. The top floors contain five bedroom and living rooms for family, guests and live-in staff. The lower ground floors and basement provide an open plan kitchen, dining and recreation areas. The  latter includes a swimming pool, sauna room, gym, and art and wine stores.