What does high quality build mean?


What does ‘high end’ and ‘high quality’ build really mean? When property owners, especially home owners, search using these terms, what exactly are they looking for?

In this blog, we explore what a high quality build looks like to people planning to renovate or extend their home. It starts with designing a glorious-looking home and, of course, money and timescale are high on the list of priorities.

The four pillars of a high quality build

Building a dream home is a journey – generally taking 12-18 months. Although the destination is moving into a beautiful home, having a smooth ride is a major contributory factor to achieving a high end build. How so? Consider these four highly-prized values:

Emotional resonance – having well-being at its core

A building, especially a home, must have people and their well-being right at its core. A home should make those living in it happy and content, feel safe and secure, help them live their best lives. It starts with the architect channelling their client’s thoughts and ideas into inspiring designs and plans. The construction company then turns it into a buildable reality. Your builder must be completely in tune with the project – carefully sourced materials, high quality craftmanship, sound decision-making.

For us, every ‘dream home’ we create is an emotional journey. We’re just as excited as our clients, with tension building the closer we get to milestone moments – the luxury kitchen being switched on, the arrival of the Italian marble for the bathroom… Then there’s the big day itself, Handing-Over-The-Keys, proudly opening every door to squeals of delight (and not just from the children).

Our clients never have to get over the experience of ‘having the builders in’ before they can enjoy their home. A typical emotional response from our clients is “We love our house but we miss the builders ,and the neighbours feel the same.”

Functionality – your home must be fit for purpose

‘Functionality’ seems a harsh word to apply to a dream home. But it’s true – a building needs to function – be fit for purpose, in other words. So, before we start to build, we understand fully the driving force behind each project. Whether it’s the need for space, luxurious comfort, wow factor, creating an inside-outside flow, or sensitivity to the period of a property. Satisfying our client’s goals is a major part of the ‘buildability’ exercise we undertake before we get down to planning in detail.

The earlier your builder is invited onto the design team, the sooner they can turn exciting concepts into fully functioning reality. Building exactly the home envisaged by you and your architect – not an approximation – takes skill. Sometimes this means recommending an alteration or different way of achieving a desired result. Never is it a compromise to the overall functionality.

Endurance – standing the test of time

It’s high quality build that stands the test of time. It’s a home that, twenty years down the line, still looks stunning and remains in excellent structural shape. That’s the result of good decision-making, the right mix of traditional and modern building methods, long-lasting materials and attention to detail.

Everything comes down to superior workmanship and not putting up with anything that doesn’t come up to standard. Whether it’s brickwork and joinery, or planning the power points in a kitchen. Diligence, skill and care – not rocket science.

Of course, ongoing maintenance is important, and the higher the quality of build, the easier the task.

Aesthetics – the wow factor

Building beautiful homes is a great privilege. We’re skilled crafts people so when are invited to join the team on a stunning building project, we’re thrilled. It’s an opportunity to work with inspirational architects and turn their ideas into reality. It’s genuinely exciting. We get to use sumptuous materials and flex our professional muscles. We also meet some rather lovely home-owners who started this whole journey in the first place.

Nothing’s down to luck, however. That huge feature window sliding silently and precisely into place, the ‘industrial’ look that’s painstakingly finished. It’s exact measurement, careful procurement, agile project management, more than one eye for detail and ongoing communication between us all.

Your high end build team

There are three parties involved in a building project – the property owner, their architect and the construction company in charge of the build. This team having a common vision is the key to a high end build.

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