The art of storage in the modern luxury house

storage in the modern luxury house

Storage in the modern luxury house really is an art form. In fact, the word ‘storage’ doesn’t do justice to the boutiques, vaults, chambers and emporiums we create as part of our luxury home build projects.

We build and renovate houses to meet the exact and meticulous vision of the architect and their client. The storage element plays a major part in the success of these projects. The practical is balanced with the aesthetic, appealing to the eye and the touch. Impressive walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms, stylish home-offices, roomy cellars, well-stocked kitchens, functional mud rooms… this is storage that works hard and definitely looks the part.

The pantry and the modern kitchen
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The elegant utility of the mud room

In this blog we put storage under the spotlight, demonstrating the increasingly sophisticated and ingenious solutions sought by the discerning home-owner.

Storage innovations: seamlessly blending form and function

Beyond the traditional realms of wardrobes and cellars, modern luxury homes redefine storage through innovative design and technology. Cabinetry is crafted to hide storage compartments in bedrooms, offices and entertainment areas. Multi-functional furniture pieces not only provide comfort and style but also cleverly integrate storage options. Sometimes the goal is to ingenious use every centimetre of space  – in a city apartment for example. In other projects, we’ve built storage that takes centre stage such as glorious walk-in pantries and temperature-controlled cellars.

Let’s take a look at 5 examples of ingenious and luxurious storage solutions.

Wardrobes: elegance and organisation

Obvious but essential home storage comes in the form of the wardrobe. Whether walk-in or built-in, wardrobes should be laid out in such a way that you can find and choose what you need effortlessly, from a pair of shoes to a complete outfit. Superb carpentry is at the heart of great wardrobes and clothing storage, making it a pleasure to seek, find and simple be amongst your designer clothes.

For the luxury home-owner this is a whole new ball game. Behind beautiful doors, lie custom compartments and shelving. Sophisticated lighting can showcase cherished collections lending a sense of glamour to the environment. Shoe racks are automated, secure drawers for jewellery are tailored to display as well as protect. Climate control systems ensure the perfect conditions for preserving delicate fabrics and accessories.

Wine cellars: creating the perfect environment

No luxury home is complete without an awe-inspiring wine cellar. Created from materials such as stone, glass and wood, the wine cellar both stores and showcases your wine. Temperature and humidity control systems maintain the perfect environment for wines and spirits, while intelligent inventory management systems ensure easy access and organisation. As the name implies, wine cellars are usually in the basement and accessible either directly from outside or a level above in the house.

The wine cellar (more like a wine wardrobe)

Home gyms: health and wellness right at home

The modern luxury home takes health and wellness seriously, integrating gyms, dance studios, saunas and swimming pools. Like the wine cellar, this is where the basement and underground living comes into its own. Clever storage solutions keep the space organised and uncluttered, with custom racks for weights, shelves for exercise and yoga accessories, and elegant lockers for post-swim kit such as towels and sliders. These private sanctuaries are thoughtfully designed to inspire and recharge even the most reluctant exerciser.

Shelving for easy-access to weights and accessories
Storage that keeps the floor-space uncluttered

Home offices: designed for productivity and style

The home office may be an essential element of the modern home but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning and sophisticated. Storage makes the difference, creating a workspace that seamlessly blends functionality with minimalist design. We use our considerable carpentry skills to custom-build all types of storage: cupboards for documents and technology, shelving to show off artworks and books. Meanwhile integrated charging stations and cable management systems keep everything organised and clutter-free.

Storage to suit the consultant, writer, designer, artist, publisher, architect, accountant, engineer, builder…

Boot rooms: organising people, pets and possessions

Boot and mud rooms are transitional spaces between the outside world and the elegant interior of your house. They help preserve the calm and cleanliness of the living areas. Custom-built storage solutions accommodate outerwear and everyone’s accessories, including the dog’s. Built-in benches with hidden compartments for shoes and designated spaces for umbrellas and coats help create a clutter-free environment. Whether it’s a quick stop to change shoes or taking a moment to unwind, boot and mud rooms offer a graceful and functional gateway into the main residence.

Storage in the modern luxury house is an art form

Storage in the modern luxury home extends beyond wardrobes and cellars, embracing all the facets of life that contribute towards harmony in a busy family home. From the meticulously designed gyms to the stylish home offices that foster productivity, every space is planned and crafted to work as hard as you. Boot and mud rooms keep the muddy outside at bay. In these houses, storage is where form and function unite, creating spaces that enhance a chosen lifestyle. We know that the storage we create represents organisation and convenience through brilliant design and workmanship – be it funky or traditional. Storage needs to do more than store your treasured and necessary belongings; it must help you find and delight in them.