Create more living space underground


There are many excellent reasons for excavating beneath a property to create more living space underground. First, the opportunities for extending residential properties outwards and upwards are limited. This is especially true in urban areas where finding the space and getting planning permission to extend aren’t easy tasks. Second, you may not want to encroach on your outdoor space. So, the solution for many is to go subterranean and leave the landscape as it is.

Space is the ultimate luxury especially in the south of England. Underground, however, homeowners can expand their living spaces, create bespoke environments and, basically enhance the functionality of their properties. In this article, we’ll explore how architects and their building partners are tapping into the hidden potential beneath their clients’ properties and making ingenious use of the space.

The subterranean revolution

The idea of subterranean construction isn’t new but it is experiencing something of a renaissance in high-end house building and renovation. Contemporary spacial design, together with excellent building and engineering support, means architects are pushing the boundaries of what can be built beneath the surface of a property.

Basement conversions are also becoming increasingly popular. No longer confined to storage, this valuable square footage is being converted into gyms, home theatres, guest suites and proper wine cellars. With the integration of large windows, clever lighting and innovative ventilation systems, these dark, damp basements are being transformed into bright, spacious living areas.

Here are just some of the properties with underground living that we’ve built.

Health and wellness retreats

Having your own bespoke health and wellness sanctuary is a dream for many homeowners. So, where better than underground to locate your state-of-the-art gym, spa and steam rooms, yoga studio or swimming pool? The act of descending to a private subterranean retreat offers homeowners a true escape from the stresses of modern life. Natural materials, tranquil lighting and soundscapes provide the right kind of ambiance and sensory experience. And, as privacy and convenience are key, allowing residents to maintain their fitness routines without leaving the comfort of their homes is another winner.

Wine cellars and entertaining spaces

Wine enthusiasts are also benefiting from the subterranean trend. We help many homeowners achieve a long-held aim of storing their valuable wine collection in a temperature and humidity controlled cellar. These spaces can be extended to accommodate tasting areas, bars and seating areas to allow homeowners to showcase their collections while hosting gatherings and parties. The perfect backdrop for socialising and relaxation, the setting provides a wonderful sense of occasion while allowing the storage of hundreds or even thousands of bottles.

The home office

The subterranean home office promises a calm and distraction-free environment, allowing homeowners to focus on their work without interruptions. We create stylish, inspiring yet functional workspaces that encourage productivity and creativity. Though underground, natural light can be achieved through a variety of clever design and construction techniques. For example skylights and  semi-basements that embrace a beautifully landscaped exterior.

Make room for your collections

For art collectors and book enthusiasts, the underground gallery or library offers a quiet, secluded and secure space. Custom shelving, ambient lighting and temperature control together with comfortable seating and you have the ideal atmosphere for reading and contemplation.

The family area: subterranean kitchens and dining

as open plan, it seamlessly connects the kitchen, dining and living spaces, making it deal for entertaining family and friends.

The concept of a family area holds a special place in the hearts of many homeowners. It’s not merely a room, it’s the heart of the home where family members gather at the end of the day. Often designed as open plan, it seamlessly connects the kitchen, dining and living spaces, making it deal for entertaining family and friends.

Having a subterranean kitchen and dining area is a game-changer. The available space can be across the whole footprint of the house with an ambiance and sense of seclusion that is hard to replicate above ground.

Modern Restoration of a Victorian Home

Home entertainment

The home cinemas is another sought-after feature by fans of underground spaces. It’s where the latest technology converges with luxurious comfort to create the ultimate cinematic or gaming experience. Large, high-resolution screens feature large together with immersive sound systems, advanced soundproofing, concealed wiring, dedicated lighting systems and custom-built furniture. Homeowners can enjoy the latest blockbusters or host private screenings in the comfort of their homes.

Basement living ideas

Gone are the days when basements were merely damp, dimly lit storage areas. Together with our  architect clients, we maximise the space and functionality offered by underground living. The possibilities are as vast as our clients’ imaginations. With careful planning, cutting-edge technology and creative design, we are transforming basements and underground spaces into hidden gems that elevate the concept of luxury living in the UK.

We help our clients navigate regulatory hurdles and engineering complexities associated with building below ground to ensure structural integrity, waterproofing and proper ventilation. Every detail is meticulously curated to reflect the homeowner’s taste and showcase the finest craftsmanship.

If you are looking beneath your feet to expand your living areas, create unique amenities and add substantial value to your property we’ll be delighted to talk to your architect. So get in touch.