Reliable construction focuses on what matters


The Galower Build experience and our duty of care

Reliable construction doesn’t just mean turning up on site – it’s a whole raft of careful planning, and a very broad range of building skills and knowledge. There’s a lot at stake in building, renovating or extending a property. The financial cost is a major consideration, of course, but also the emotional investment from everyone involved. The ‘Galower experience’ is all about duty of care that includes seeing your family happily settled in their new home.

It’s really important to Galower Build that the whole experience of working with us is a good one. A building project impacts on people’s lives – the owner, the architect, the building professionals and, of course, the neighbours. For this reason, we take our work very seriously. We also enjoy building high quality properties, and working with other skilled and creative people.

Achieving the architectural vision

Our ‘direct’ client is the architect. In recommending Galower Build as their construction partner, they’re putting their reputation in our hands. Once we’re on board, it’s our responsibility to bring the architect’s vision to life, and take the owner with us on an enjoyable journey.

So, the property owner is also our client. Residential, commercial and educational – they have a vision and, having bought into their architect’s design, they look to Galower to achieve it.

5 reasons to choose Galower Build

The Galower Build experience revolves round 5 key principles, which we’ve developed over the years because they matter to our clients:

  1. Company-wide professionalism
  2. 100% behind your dream project
  3. The highest quality build
  4. Skilled project management
  5. Excellent communication

This, briefly, is what we mean by reliable construction:

Company-wide professionalism

Our reputation for high quality build and trustworthy, ethical working practices is very important to us. It starts at the top with directors Kevin Gale and Mick Power heading up their site and office-based teams. They lead by example and everyone in the company follows because it works; the projects are hugely successful and clients are really enthusiastic about the experience.

100% behind your dream project

We buy into your dream project 100%. We make sure we’re on the same wave length as our clients – both the architect and their client, the property owner.

To Galower, ‘buildability’ means staying true to the spirit of a design – not coming up with an approximate solution. Right throughout a project we take exactly the right steps to achieve the vision created by our clients.

The highest quality build

Kevin and Mick learnt their trades so they know the right way to achieve a good build – and their site managers are exactly the same. They know what works, how long it will take, the materials to use and how much it should cost.

The combined experience, skill and intelligence of everyone in Galower, means the build will achieve the vision having been properly planned, priced and executed.

Skilled project management

Being able to meet challenges head on is a major part of the attraction of a project for Galower. However, this is only possible with good planning and professional project management. Knowing where the pitfalls are, where time can be lost or made.

Sometimes, the brief changes – polished plastered walls might replace tiles. Always there’s the need for very precise planning with our clients’ specialist contractors. Fitting hi-tech kitchens, bespoke windows and entertainment hubs has to be factored into the project plan.

Excellent communication

We don’t just work on site and go home. Some of these projects last 18 month so we have a close relationship with our clients. ‘The Neighbours’ become our neighbours for a brief period. Excellent communication helps build trust. It’s not enough to be skilled builders and planners, we have to be really good at building relationships.

Building your dream property is a responsibility Galower takes seriously

Everyone we work with – the architect, property owner, other construction professionals – say our 5 principles are important to them. They also say that Galower embraces them fully.

Building someone’s dream property is a big responsibility. It’s one we enjoy because we do it well, and we do it well because we bring all our experience to bear on every single detail.

The fact that so many of our home owners take out maintenance plans with Galower is an indicator of how happy they are to see us back looking after the property we built together. This, we feel  is a good indication of reliable construction.

You’ve found your reliable construction firm