Why you need a solution-led building contractor


It’s a matter of pride to Galower that we anticipate challenges, and take the unforeseen in our stride. As one of our architect clients said we “never present a problem without a viable solution”. It’s true; we’re a solution-led building contractor and we work alongside people with a similar mindset.

Construction is a dynamic industry so, anticipating structural challenges and changes to design, is a major part of our job. Like everyone, we’re confronted with the ghastliness of this global pandemic and the ‘local difficulties’ of Brexit. Somehow, we have to manage what’s thrown at us and accept that outcomes will be different.

Problems, changes, challenges, delays – whatever you want to call them – they all need a head-on approach. Simply shrugging your shoulders and hoping for the best isn’t how Galower deals with them. We always have a plan of action.

We’re privileged to work on some really inspirational and amazing projects, and long may it continue. Being solution-led is one of the ways we’ll retain our ‘preferred contractor’ status with architects and property-owners alike.

Realism will build your dream home

The American motivational writer, William A Ward observed: “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

We’re all for adjusting the sails and keeping an eye on the horizon.

We assume we’ll be tweaking our plans to some extent and frankly, we’re always keen to see what happens! Having a plan and working with it is central, and we’re well-known for our meticulous project management. Even our home-owners have their ‘instructions’: ordering the bespoke, cutting edge kitchen in the early stages of a project is vital. Then we can make sure the space is ready, with power and drainage perfectly positioned.

Supply and delivery delays are a feature of construction, though current experiences are proving far more extreme than usual. Professional project management enables us to divert our energies to other parts of a project so any impact on either budget or schedule is managed.

Not letting anything have a negative impact on the schedule or budget is a key objective, obviously. However, we don’t just want a problem to go away; we want a really good outcome, one that might even improve the project further down the line.

A calm, intelligent and creative approach

Experience, knowledge and good project management means we have an inbuilt warning system for things that might otherwise delay a project. Take a basement renovation.

Not everyone’s experience of working with a basement is good, but we know that there aren’t any truly insurmountable engineering obstacles. Even the presence of a great deal of water isn’t enough to derail a Galower basement project. It’ll just take a bit longer to dig out wet clay instead of dry sand.

We address the situation calmly and intelligently, and use a creative approach to come up with a solution. Turning a problem into an opportunity means we move forward, taking everyone with us towards a successful conclusion that pleases us all. That makes perfect sense to us.

Clear and consistent communication

Ensuring your selected team of skilled people work well together is a high priority for Galower. Good lines of communication are a vital part of making everyone feel comfortable on a project. It means they ask important questions and are able to get on with their job. The architect who can trust their building partner to have an open relationship with the property-owner, knows the project is in good hands.

Having pragmatic and uncomplicated channels of communication means we are free to resolve and recommend and get the right outcomes.

Making Plan B as good as Plan A

Difficult stuff happens: key personnel move to other jobs, people lose loved ones, pandemics hit the world. The solution-led builder will have your back and get you through. Then the experience of ‘having the builders in’ will be one you’ll happily repeat.

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