Working with luxury house materials


One of the great things about our job as high-end builders, is working with luxury house materials. The choice of materials is a major part of building luxury houses. It all starts with the meticulous and deliberate selection by the architect wanting to create visually striking and enduring properties.

Our first task, on every new project, is to confirm buildability. This includes sourcing the chosen materials and factoring in complicated logistics. As many of the materials will come from outside the UK, we have to juggle deadlines to meet suppliers’ schedules. Much of what we create is carved, constructed and finished by hand. So, we work out how best to manage and handle the materials, and whether specialist fixings and applications are required.

In this blog, we delve into the details of working with various luxury house materials in order to achieve our clients’ visions, in terms of function, aesthetic and durability.

Sourcing luxury house materials

Sourcing the finest materials is a blend of meticulous research, ethical considerations and logistical expertise. For example:

  • Collaborating with reputable quarries to ensure access to high-quality slabs of Italian marble
  • Partnering with skilled trades people who specialise in traditional brickmaking techniques
  • Working with both salvage yards and certified suppliers to acquire aged wood with documented origins
  • Selecting suppliers of natural stone who adhere to ethical extraction practices

Here’s an example of the kind of luxury house materials we work with on a regular basis:

The artisanal charm of handmade bricks

Valued for their rustic charm, handmade bricks are also known for their high compressive strength and low water absorbency. They are made using traditional methods: different clays are mixed with mineral additives to achieve authentic colour ways. The clay is then formed by hand into wooden moulds, left to air dry, before being fired at very high temperatures. We’ve used handmade bricks both internally and externally on a variety of residential projects.

Italian marble – aesthetic appeal and structural integrity

Marble is limestone that has been compacted and heated over millions of years, hence its value as a luxury material. Italian marble is widely considered the best due to its purity, relative durability and predominantly white colour. We’ve worked with Italian marble on a number of properties, primarily for flooring, wall cladding and countertops. Sealing the marble will prevent staining and scratches and, due to the weight of marble, adequate structural support is vital.

Reclaimed wood – authentic and sustainable

Reclaimed wood such as salvaged hardwoods, has a timeless elegance while contributing to sustainable building practices. From old barns, factories and railway tracks to suppliers of speciality French distressed flooring, reclaimed wood adds a sense of history and character to a home. Whichever route you choose, it’s important to verify the grading to ensure structural integrity. To us, wood is one of the great luxury house materials and we relish projects that allow us to showcase our considerable carpentry skills.

Natural stone – merging architecture with nature

Natural stone such as granite, limestone and sandstone, creates an aesthetically appealing effect that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The inherent durability and weather resistance of natural stone make it ideal for long-lasting structures both internally and externally.

 Luxury house materials need a luxury house builder

We have an unrivalled reputation for building magnificent, one-of-a-kind properties featuring the finest of luxury house materials. After 45 years of working on so many high-end residential projects, we’re familiar with the characteristics of many different materials.

From the structural beauty and integrity of Italian marble, the pleasing authenticity of handmade bricks and sustainable elegance of reclaimed wood, every material contributes to a home’s aesthetic appeal and enduring functionality.

It’s an exciting moment for us when an exotic material is delivered and we are able to use our expertise and knowledge to construct and install it successfully. With technical precision, we help ensure that luxury homes stand as timeless masterpieces, reflecting both innovation and artistry in their construction.