What is buildability and how does it help a project run smoothly?

Buildability is a vital pre-construction stage whereby we assess the architect’s design from the perspective of physically building or renovating the property concerned. We interrogate the design, not just to make sure we understand what’s involved and that we can follow it. We also want to ensure we run the project in the most economical and efficient way possible. The recommendations … Read More

Carpentry skills include an eye for detail and design

The carpenter takes on a broad range of jobs on a building project. The first and last person on site, the carpenter secures it with locks and hoarding, and removes them on completion. Between these stages, they fit windows, flooring and decking, and construct cabinets, panelling and kitchens. The workforce on a build project fits into three categories: carpentry, trowel … Read More

What reassures the architect and home-owner about their builder?

A number of elements help reassure the architect and home-owner that they’ve chosen the right builder. It’s about establishing trust right from the start then continuing to earn it as the project progresses. First and foremost, clients need to trust that their building partner knows what they’re doing. From the structural integrity right through to the finest detail, you need … Read More

What does a financially secure construction partner look like?

What exactly does it mean to be a ‘financially secure construction partner’? Naturally, it implies you have a healthy balance sheet – as in more assets than liabilities. However, the real strength of a healthy balance sheet lies in how it supports goals such as excellent workmanship, tight scheduling and budget control; goals which just happen to be priorities for … Read More

Why you need a solution-led building contractor

It’s a matter of pride to Galower that we anticipate challenges, and take the unforeseen in our stride. As one of our architect clients said we “never present a problem without a viable solution”. It’s true; we’re a solution-led building contractor and we work alongside people with a similar mindset. Construction is a dynamic industry so, anticipating structural challenges and … Read More

What does high quality build mean?

What does ‘high end’ and ‘high quality’ build really mean? When property owners, especially home owners, search using these terms, what exactly are they looking for? In this blog, we explore what a high quality build looks like to people planning to renovate or extend their home. It starts with designing a glorious-looking home and, of course, money and timescale … Read More

Reliable construction focuses on what matters

The Galower Build experience and our duty of care Reliable construction doesn’t just mean turning up on site – it’s a whole raft of careful planning, and a very broad range of building skills and knowledge. There’s a lot at stake in building, renovating or extending a property. The financial cost is a major consideration, of course, but also the … Read More